Draft Bill Moyers for President

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Draft Bill Moyers for President

The previous movement to draft Bill Moyers for President stopped its work after two months of work. Apparently, they were asked to stop, and so they complied. This is my pledge that we will not do the same.

The whole idea of a movement to draft a candidate, you see, is that you draft the candidate. You don't just ask, and then accept no for an answer.

There is, typically, a long dance between a movement to draft a candidate for President, and that candidate. It involves the candidate demurring, insisting that no campaign is in the works, that there is no intention of running. These claims are made over and over again, and then the draft movement keeps on asking.

Finally, when the draft movement proves it will keep going and won't quit when things get hard, when the draft movement shows that it is willing to gather the resources to create a plausible campaign, the candidate assents and joins the campaign.

You don't say no the first time you're asked.

We're here to start the dance again. Draft Bill Moyers for President in 2008.